Machine Features


The Shilpin 3D CNC Micro-Milling cum Engraving machine weighs a solid 1500 kg of FG 300 grade of Cast Iron . Each one of the casting lots is tested in the laboratory for metallurgical analysis. After proof machining, the castings are stress relieved under controlled temperature for 22 hours. This ensures long terms dimensional stability.

The machine is a double column bridge type 3-Axis machine, with a table size of 540 mm x 440 mm and a machining area of 410 mm x 410mm. The vertical axis travel can be either 165mm or 250 mm depending upon daylight of 200 mm or 300mm.

Motion Control

The Shilpin machine uses high precision C3 grade ground ball screws and precision guideways that are balanced in pre-load, for service life and performance . We use these elements from reputed manufactures such as THK, Hiwin Rexroth or PMI. Precision Ball screw support arrangement ensures long service life and axes rigidity at rapid traverse rates of 10m/min.

Automatic Tool Changer

The optional provision in the machine has an Automatic Tool changer with 8 positions and linear construction. There are no moving parts in the ATC making it a very economical solution for an engraving cum micro milling machine.


The rugged castings are covered with equally rugged machine gard made of CRC sheets and powder coated for durability and great aesthetics. Easily removable see through panels are provided on 3 sides of the table and a sliding door is provided for easy operator access.

The LM guides and Ball screws for the Y axis are protected using stainless steel telescopic guards for the Y axis and high quality bellows for the X axis with a fully covered sheet metal guard for the Z axis and Spindle.

The machine table is a very smooth and flat surface, with a flatness of within 30 microns.


The coolant tank for the machine is of 30 ltr capacity with wire mesh and compartments for separating the metal chips from coolant. A coolant pump of 36 lpm is mounted on the tank. The tank is also fitted with level indicator.


The machine can be supplied with an option of manual or centralized lubrication system.


Engraving tools can be very small in size upto 20 micron truncation width. This calls for very high RPM, to the tune of 30000 revolutions per minute.Shilpin offers high precision spindles, either air or oil cooled. The vertical axis comes with a motor with holding brake. The 3-4 axis control can be from Siemens, Fanuc or Mitsubishi or even a PC based control.

We offer a tool pre-setter and a manual pulse generator as standard accessories. The Siemens control offered, has a machine control panel and a flat screen HMI.

Electrical Control Panel

The electrical control cabinet is embedded within the machine guard and is air cooled. This allows the machine to operate at temperatures of up to 50 deg C. The servo drives and VFDs for the spindle housed in the panel are from reputed make. The control panel can be adapted for 50 or 60 cycle operation for a wide voltage range of 380v to 440 v 3 phase AC supply.

Operation and Maintenance of the Machine

The machine has been designed for ease of operation and maintenance. The table can be accessed and viewed from 3 sides and is fitted with machine lamp and tower lamp to indicate the status of the machine. The CNC screen gives alarm messages in simple and easy to understand language. The rear side easily removable panel makes it easy to maintain the machine.


Shilpin Engraving machine gives you a positioning accuracy of 20 microns and a repeatability of 10 microns. The heavy cast iron body and Anti vibration mounts ensure that there is virtually no vibration. The high precision collet nuts ensure noise free operation. The totally covered guard keeps the noise level much below acceptable level of 70dB even at high spindle RPM of 24000.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Shilpin takes extra care in selection of components from world class suppliers. Parts machined in-house, undergo stringent quality checks on CMM machines. Highly experienced and skilled technicians use best of measurement, alignment and assembly tools for checking parallel and perpendicularity of axes.

Each one of our machines is laser calibrated before and after giving pitch error correction for all 3 axes. We provide internationally accepted test charts for proving alignments of all axes.


The CNC controls support G codes as per ISO standards. The controls also come with canned cycles for milling operation. The engraving part is taken care by CAM software such as ArtCAM, Type 3, Mesh CAM, NX CAM, MasterCAM, PowerMILL and other renowned packages.

Optional Accessories

-4th Axis (Rotary attachment)
-Automatic Tool Changer
-Dust Collector
- Auto Tool Pre-setter
-Tool Grinder
-Panel AC
-Engraving Tools


Shilpin provides you with training on machine operation, CAM packages and machining at our training center. On site training of more personnel is also arranged on special request.